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Guidelines for contributors

"Post Peak Medicine" is a downloadable e-book which is being written by and for healthcare professionals. The intention behind the book is that it will help practitioners to make the transition to post-peak practices during what may be turbulent times ahead.

I have written Part 1: Framework and Background but I am looking for specialists in their field to write individual chapters in Part 2: Specialties. Your contribution, should you decide to make it, will be valuable both to your professional colleagues and the public. Here are some suggested guidelines for contributors which I hope you will find helpful.

You must have a recognised qualification within your healthcare specialty.

All contributions must be attributable to a named author(s). However, I recognise that the subject of possible societal decline and collapse is a controversial one, and that some potential contributors may agree with the general principles of the book but may be reluctant to associate their names with it. You therefore have the option of having your name displayed as an image rather than text. This makes your name invisible to Google and other search engines.  The result of this will be that people will discover the book if they are using search terms like "post peak" but they are very unlikely to discover the book if they are a prospective employer or business partner googling your name for a background check.

Each chapter need only be a few pages long, and should be about the challenges you foresee in adapting to post peak practice and how those challenges might be overcome. Don't try to write a detailed textbook about your specialty, but where detail is needed, please provide links and/or references to sources of information you consider helpful. Hyperlinks may be included in your text, but please bear in mind that people reading this book in the future may not be connected to the Internet, so please include a text description of your information sources as well. If you find it difficult to imagine what your specialty will be like post-peak, it may be helpful to put it in a historical context: for example, what methods did your specialty use fifty or a hundred years ago?

Pictures and illustrations are welcome, but please ensure that you hold the copyright, or that you have obtained permission to use them, or that they are copyright-free.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to this book. For further information please contact:

PeakDoc (at)